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Zuri Hand & Body Collection

Zuri Hand & Body Collection

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Transform your self-care routine with Misaura's Zuri Hand and Body Collection. Our opulent selection features a 4-ounce moisturizing hand and body lotion, a 2.5-ounce rich hand and body butter, and a 4-ounce rejuvenating hand and body scrub, all infused with the delightful scent of soft cherry and bergamot. Pamper your skin from head to toe and immerse yourself in the luxurious fragrance that lingers all day long. But wait, there's more! With every purchase of Misaura's Zuri Hand and Body Collection, you'll also receive a complimentary 5 ml LISHE cuticle oil to nourish and strengthen your nails and 2 ounce body mist.  Say goodbye to dry cuticles and hello to healthy, beautiful nails. Spoil yourself with the ultimate self-care experience of Misaura's Zuri Hand and Body Collection, and let your skin revel in the difference. Order now and indulge in luxury from the comfort of your own home.


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